27 Old Gloucester Street, WC1N 3AX London

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1. Who founded Global Layers LTD?

The original founder of Global Layers LTD is Olanrewaju Eke, a highly experienced and versatile IT consultant and trainer, committed to ensuring own practice consistently meets Industry and Organisational quality operating procedures. After years of successful career working as IT consultant with various organisations within and outside the UK Olanrewaju quickly learned the benefits of detailed planning and effective man management for start-ups.

2. Why was Global Layers founded?

After numerous courses Olanrewaju took, he saw that there was a place in the market for a start-up raining company that cared about the quality of its training. A company that not only employs trainers and consultants that are experts in their field, with a passion to pass on their skills to others, but want to make a difference. Olanrewaju was surprised by the attitude of some training companies, they did not talk about the transfer of training, culture and ethos, surely the main reason for training is to improve life and work skills and then be able to transfer that into the workplace he reasoned.

3. Where is Global Layers located?

Global Layers is located at:
27 Old Gloucester Street
Registered in England- Reg. No 10054701